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Every startup knows the pressure to deliver a world-changing product. What happens when you develop a product that can change the future—literally?


It had to be the most limited time machine ever conceived. But it could be a money machine. If only they could find it.


But the machine can also bring power to the person who controls it. Power than can kill. What do you do, then?


FutureView Book Series


FutureView Startup

FutureView Saving the Future

FutureView Controlling the Past

Available for Pre-order on Amazon. Release Sept 10, 2022

Available Fall, 2022

Expected release: 2023

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In The Press

Author - Michael Limeski


Michael Limeski is the author of the FutureView science fiction series. He is an avid science fiction reader. He has written extensively in non-fiction science and engineering. He is an engineer, having received degrees from MIT and Georgia Tech in aeronautics and self-taught in software, electrical, and mechanical engineering. He served in the U.S. Army as a military intelligence officer. He helped develop military sensors and weapons, NASA drones, missile systems, and extensive classified military programs. Privately he also developed record-setting human-powered vehicles, an autonomous robot vehicle, custom hang gliders, model aircraft, and model rocketry. He resides in Southern California, the birthplace of aerospace.

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